A John Oliver student tells the attendees all about her inspiration and what Diversity in Harmony means to her.

High School Murals Now Adorn Fraser Street

Sunset on Fraser News

On June 10th, an amazing event was held to celebrate and admire the hanging of 10 beautiful murals created by students from John Oliver High School and led by the Sunset on Fraser Business Association. The students chose the theme ‘Diversity in Harmony’ and it was attended by the student participants, school staff, our BIA board members, and many merchants.

During the event that was presented by Rob Nijjar, executive director of Sunset on Fraser Business Association, the students proudly presented their art work which took 5 months and they gave thrilling insights and interesting impressions regarding their exciting project. They were also accompanied by artist Danvic Briones, who guided the students during their wonderful project. Their colorful paintings are a perfect analogy of Fraser Street’s wonderful and multicultural community.

Thanks to the students of John Oliver High School, community members can now enjoy beautiful paintings as they shop down Fraser Street.