Wendy Sinclair, co-founder of Eastside Fitness, celebrating one decade on Fraser Street

One session at Eastside Fitness is a day that keeps the doctor away!

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Wendy Sinclair and her business partner Darnelle Moore founded the fitness centre Eastside Fitness on Fraser Street, and they just celebrated their ten-year anniversary.

Wendy, a former police officer, and Darnelle, a former professional athlete, came together to form this wonderful fitness centre that serves our community with group fitness and yoga classes and personalized training. They also provide group running, outdoor yoga, outdoor CrossFit, and online classes.

Since Wendy loves the Sunset community because of its multiculturalism, she became a board member of the Sunset on Fraser Business Association about five years ago. Their trainers are from all over the world such as Asian, European, and American countries.

On June 11th Wendy and Darnelle are hosting a fundraising party for Tour de Cure, which supports the BC Cancer Foundation, and many artists will be there. The event starts at 7pm and everybody is welcome to join.