Jack Hayre, the branch manager of CIBC, celebrating his 22nd year serving our community

For branch manager Jack Hayre working at CIBC means turning dreams into reality!

Sunset on Fraser Featured

Sunset on Fraser is famous for having every major bank on Fraser Street including CIBC.

Jack Hayre, the branch manager, is now into his 43rd year working for CIBC and after working in sales and service roles, he has spent 22 years in a leadership role here at the Fraser Street branch. He spent his whole career working at Fraser, Main Street, and Richmond areas and joined the Sunset on Fraser business association about 6 years ago.

He has been interested in finance since college and wanted to work for a bank ever since. His main goals always were, and still are, to be part of the community and to help his clients letting their ambitions and dreams become reality by focusing on customer interaction.

For Jack, the diversity on Fraser Street is what makes working here so special and by doing his job, he wants to give something back to the community.